Miami Beach, FL Wedding - Alessia + Drew

A Rusty Pelican Miami wedding, uniting high school sweethearts with elegance & joy.

From Classroom Companions to Soulmates

Nestled along the shores of Miami Beach, with the city’s radiant skyline as a backdrop, Alessia and Drew's wedding at the Rusty Pelican was a beautiful celebration of love, ten years in the making.

Love by the Book: A High School Sweetheart Saga

Alessia and Drew's love story reads like a young adult romance novel come to life. It began in the corridors of Cardinal Gibbons, where fate, in the guise of alphabetical seating, planted the seeds of a lifelong partnership. Shared bags of Hot Fries, literary discussions, and countless study sessions in Mr. Lee’s Comp 4 and Mr. Palmer’s English Lit classes kindled a spark that soon grew into a flame.

Their journey wasn’t without its challenges. Post-graduation, the couple braved the trials of a long-distance relationship, with Alessia heading to Florida State University and Drew to the Stevens Institute of Technology. Yet, the distance only strengthened their bond.

Building a Life Together

Fast-forward to the present, and they're embarking on life's adventure from their cozy abode in Pompano Beach, accompanied by their two playful dogs, Buoy and Ballast.

A Dream Team for the Dream Day

Their union was not just a merger of hearts but of impeccable tastes. Eau Events orchestrated the day, ensuring every moment was seamless. Behind the lens was Savannah Michelle Photography, capturing the essence of their love in each photograph.

A 360 Booth by Eau Events added a dynamic twist to the memories, while Mike Sipe - DJ Ivanco set the tempo for the evening, making sure every beat resonated with the joy of the occasion. The ambiance was elevated with the elegant touches of Contempo Linen & Event Rentals, whose attention to detail created a setting straight out of a fairytale.

No wedding is complete without the finishing flourishes of makeup, and Lips to Lashes made sure Alessia was every bit the glowing bride. Each floral arrangement, a fragrant masterpiece by Dalsimer Atlas, added to the romantic milieu, whispering stories of the couple’s decade-long journey.

A New Chapter Begins

As the sun dipped below the horizon and the evening lights of Miami began to twinkle, Alessia and Drew danced their first dance, not as high school sweethearts, but as partners for life. Surrounded by loved ones, they stepped into the future, ready for the new chapters to come, chapters that they would write together.

Join us as we toast to Alessia and Drew — may your lives be filled with the same joy and love that you shared on your special day. And to those of you dreaming of your own perfect day, let their story be a reminder: every great love starts somewhere, and sometimes it’s right next to you in class, waiting for the right moment to say "hello".

Bride sitting on a pink sofa, wearing a white dress and holding a bouquet, with her feet in red heels elevated on the sofa, against a decorative floral wallpaper background.
Close-up of a bride's red heels against a soft pink sofa, with a white bridal bouquet in the background
Close-up of wedding rings nestled on a creamy white rose petal, with soft blue hydrangea flowers in the background.
Bride seated and groom standing by a fireplace, both smiling, in a room with tropical leaf wallpaper and stylish furniture.
Bride and groom embracing in a romantic setting, surrounded by lush greenery and framed by a decorative metal gate.
Elegant wedding reception setup featuring white and gold tables, chiavari chairs, and green floral centerpieces in a bright room with large windows.
Bride and groom embracing on a balcony with a city skyline and palm trees in the background, creating a serene urban setting.
Bride and groom seated closely, embracing and looking into each other's eyes, with a lush green backdrop and city skyline in the distance.
Bride and groom sharing an intimate moment at their wedding reception, with a warmly decorated bar featuring elegant shelving in the background.
Bride and groom leaning close together in a romantic pose inside an elegant venue with classical columns and lush potted plants.
Bride and groom standing together by a lakeside, with the bride's veil flowing in the wind and a boat visible in the background.
Bride and groom standing together in a corridor lined with potted plants, under a chandelier, in an elegant venue with peach-colored walls.
"Bride and groom near ping pong table in a brightly lit room with elegant decor and a shelved wall
Black and white photo of a bride and groom standing close together in a lush garden, partially framed by an ornate metal gate.
Bride and groom kissing on the red-carpeted steps of a church entrance, under a clear sky.
Black and white photo of a bride and groom joyfully walking out of a church, holding hands and smiling.
Bride and groom exiting a grand doorway, walking hand in hand, with a lush interior visible behind them.
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