Key West, FL Wedding - Hannah + Andrew

Take a sneak peek into the event planning of a wedding in Florida's southernmost city famed for its pastel-hued conch-style houses, coral reefs, and beaches.

Hyatt Centric Key West in Key West, FL

It's always a special day when two people tie the knot, but for this Ohio couple, their wedding was an unforgettable celebration. The couple decided to head south to Key West to exchange their vows and have the party of a lifetime. The wedding ceremony took place on a beautiful dock just above crystal clear waters. Their cocktail hour was held on the ballroom's wrap around patio with a stunning sunset as the backdrop. Their ballroom reception was nothing short of spectacular - delicious food, flowing drinks, and a DJ that kept the party going well into the night. The newlyweds and their guests danced, laughed, and had the time of their lives.
Planning this wedding with Hannah + Andrew was a beautiful and unforgettable experience. However, what happens when the unexpected occurs? Imagine the power goes out on the entire island in the middle of the reception. Panic sets in, but with an incredible team of vendors, quick thinking, and a little bit of creativity - we communicated clearly, adjusted accordingly, and the show went on!
Bride and groom standing together on a terrace, with the bride holding a white bouquet and the groom in a black suit, overlooking a bay with string lights above.
Bride and groom holding their dogs at a beachside wedding ceremony, with a clear blue sky and ocean backdrop and a beautiful foral arch.
Bride and groom kissing at the end of the aisle during their wedding ceremony, with guests seated on either side and string lights overhead.
Bride and groom walking hand in hand down the aisle after their wedding ceremony, with guests applauding and a petal-lined path.
Bride leading the groom by the hand on a terrace, both smiling, with a glowing sunset over the water in the background.
Bride and groom holding hands and walking along a seaside promenade, with the ocean and a clear sky in the background.
Bride standing alone on a wooden dock, facing a tranquil bay at sunset, with soft light illuminating her and her flowing veil.
Groom bending down to kiss the bride on a wooden dock, with a serene bay and glowing sunset in the background.
Bride and groom embracing on a dock, with a sunset over the bay casting a warm glow on their intimate moment.
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